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A Place To Call Home

It is a truism that the home for the SAWS program is 'out there' in the Wilderness. It is where we introduce the rugged and muscular ridges to our volunteers, where the subtle beauty welcomes back our regular crew and where we feel we make the real difference in our forest, in ourselves and in our crew.

Wilderness is our home.

But we needed a home away from our Wilderness home - we needed a base camp. A place to air our dirty laundry - literally. We also needed an office for our growing program. The option of 'where' has always been the question, where ever we landed would be close to some of our work, and a little farther from some others.

Just this month we have 'found' our home - right here where we started - Coker Creek, Tennessee. Work has started on the office so we can move in within the next two weeks. From there we will get started on our workshop, tool crib, gear lockers and crew quarters.

It's not much, but it is a place to call home!

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