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What We Do

SAWS was born from a need for stewardship across the southeast. In just over a decade, SAWS has grown to be a leader in wilderness stewardship, training, and education. We work hard to take care of the wild and beloved remote areas that the public loves to recreate in. SAWS hires enthusiastic, talented youth and adults, providing workforce capacity in traditional skills, land management, trail maintenance/construction, and environmental conservation. We also love to engage with our community to help keep wilderness relevant and connect the public to the natural world through volunteer opportunities and local events.

Learn more about our program areas below



Delivering boots-on-the-ground and wilderness expertise





Delivering boots-on-the-ground and wilderness expertise




Sharing knowledge, appreciation and skills for wild public lands and stewardship




By sharing knowledge, increasing  capacity, & combining resources we can do more together

Wilderness Relevancy


Building relevance for wilderness and public lands, engaging the next generation of public lands enthusiasts

2021deVarona_rangersspecialists (1).jpg

Workforce Development


Creating equitable job and career opportunities for young conservation  professionals 

Community Engagement


Connecting with communities to find the overlap of their priorities and our work

Learn more about our history and work over the past 10 years in this interactive StoryMap

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