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SAWS Hits the Road with Educational Presentations

SAWS has been on the road visiting collegiate outdoor programs in North Carolina during the month of September. Through recreation-focused presentations about federally designated wilderness, the SAWS staff has reached over 50 students and staff on the campuses of UNC Charlotte, Appalachian State, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, North Carolina State, and Western Carolina.

Students at UNC-Chapel Hill discuss which recreational activities

are and are not allowed in designated wilderness.

Attendees have learned about the history of public lands and wilderness, discussed wilderness character, and talked about why wilderness is an important recreational and ecological resource.

The month of October will take SAWS Wilderness Rangers, Samantha Mauney and Eric Giebelstein, and Education and Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Brenna Irrer, to universities in Tennessee and Georgia in continued efforts to educate and inspire a new generation of wilderness stewards.

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