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Wildland Picture

Piece by: Rachel Crump, SAWS Wilderness Specialist on the

Monongahela, George Washington & Jefferson National Forests

This piece is inspired by my time spent in Wilderness areas. Often times, a sunset view is the reason for a long hike or it's the reward after a long day of working on the trail. Pictures for this collage were cut primarily from magazines that highlight scenic areas of Southern Appalachia. I took images that others found important to share and made my own unique landscape. It is my interpretation of a Wilderness area, as you will find no artificial or man-made items within the piece. The larger picture of a sunrise over mountains is comprised of smaller images organized in anomalous ways, like the "bird mountains" or "stalactite sun". Just like being in the Wilderness physically, look closely at the details or you may overlook unique and interesting finds. This collage is my individual interpretation of Wilderness, and does not impose on another's personal wilderness experience as it does not show a singular focus, specific destination, or precise geotag.

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