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Volunteers Reroute Appalachian Trail at Turkey Pen Gap

The crew, excited to hit the trail!

SAWS wrapped up the project calendar for 2013 this past weekend with a backcountry project on the Appalachian Trail. 9 volunteers and 3 staff put in over 280 hours on a re-route of the Trail at Turkey Pen Gap, located on the Iron Mountain section of the Trail near Elizabethton, TN. The crew hiked in over five miles to the worksite and stayed at the Iron Mountain Shelter. Volunteers built 100 feet of new trail over two days on a reroute which will replace a steep and highly eroded section of the Trail.

SAWS is completing the reroute for the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoe Club. SAWS crews began work on the project during the summer of 2013 and have completed a total of 800 feet on the 1800 foot reroute.

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