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SAWS Street Style

by SAWS Fashion Correspondent Natalie M.

Summer is coming to an end, and we here at SAWS know what that means –

time to hit the trails in style with the latest fall forest fashion. There's nothing more exciting than getting to impress the same five people with your outfits

every day. We know how much thought you put into your look in the morning, and luckily our roving street style photographer was out on the trails last week in the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness to snap some shots of your best style moments.


1. The Inside-Out Pack

We know your first instinct would be to pack all of your worldly possessions INSIDE your backpack. But why not use them to accessorize the OUTSIDE instead? Check out Matt M.'s daring display of gear for all the world to see. His artful assemblage of objects is quirky yet tasteful – note the hummus hidden inside the bedroll.


2. The No-Tick Sock Tuck

Lyme disease can be a bummer, but luckily this trendy trailblazer has the stylish solution to keep those troublesome ticks out of your pants – just stuff them into your socks! Not only is it practical, but this look makes us pretty nostalgic for those fashionista founding fathers.


3. The Fanny Pack Day Pack

Leave it to style icon Simon F. to innovate the latest look in lightweight luggage. Here, Simon has cut down to the bare bones for his daily commute by filling the brain of his pack with just water and Hickory Smoked BBQ tuna packets, strapping it around his waist, and hitting the trails!


4. Prescription Eye-Pro

Good news for glasses-wearers everywhere – the time for slapping a pair of work goggles on top of your regular specs is over! Prescription eye-pro is big this season, and there are lots of looks to choose from, as modeled here by style p-EYE-oneers Matt M. and Gabe N.


5. A Bandana on your Head

We've broken down Matt M.'s signature sun look so that YOU can get it too. Just take a bandana or similar-sized square of cloth and gently place it on your head. Then put on a hat. Ta-da! Now your scalp and neck will be sweat and sun free, AND you'll give the illusion of having flowing blonde locks!


6. A String is Just as Good as a Belt

Just ask Brian H. and he'll tell you – a string is just as good as a belt, so why splurge on a belt when you could get a string?


7. Poll: Swishy Pants or Crunchy Pants?

Just because the SAWS packing list explicitly discourages crew from wearing 100% cotton crunchy pants doesn't mean there aren't rebels who do it anyway. Take our poll – are you a synthetic swishy pants sawyer or on the cotton crunchy pants crew?


That's all for now, Style Sawyers. As always, stay on the cutting edge of fashion!


SAWS Fashion Correspondent Natalie M.

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