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On Art, Wilderness, and the act of simply being

By Simon Farr

It’s almost been four months since my season with the SAWS Regional Trail Crew came to an end.

The gear is clean, the clothes retain only the faintest of odor, and the boots are repaired.

Throwback posts are on social media, the Fall Crew season has also ended, and the school year is in full swing.

I have a fair amount of photos from the season, taken on a full-frame camera I probably shouldn’t have brought along, but when mulling over the season, the thoughts are more crisp than the photos on the memory card. A couple old drawings in a notebook were the inspiration I needed, and pencil hit paper. These sketches aren’t photo-realistic, they lack detail, and no fancy graphite was used, but I feel they capture my recollection of the moments they portray better than megapixels did. I hope you enjoy them, get inspired by them, and make your own quiet moments of solitude. They’re part of why we connect to these places, and a small part of why their designation as Wilderness is important.

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