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2021: A Year In Review at SAWS

We enjoyed another sawsome year in 2021. Here at SAWS, we have incredibly talented staff working hard to protect and steward the wildest public lands in the southeast. Our stewardship, volunteer, and community outreach programs engaged the communities we live in and serve as well as the next generation of conservation leaders. We provided meaningful and impactful experiences in the outdoors and ensured access to and protection of the wilderness resource and the benefits it provides from clean water and carbon sequestration to recreation and life-changing experiences. We believe in and worked towards equity and inclusion in the outdoors, fostering a learning culture here at SAWS and a shared understanding that equity work is not separate from the rest of what we do. We continue to identify actions we can take that reflect our values and contribute to meaningful change in the conservation world. As we reflect on just a few of our 2021 highlights, we are continually grateful to have meaningful relationships with our partners and to have such genuine support from our donors and local communities. Thank you for a great year!

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