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20 Seconds on Ramsey’s Draft

Wilderness Ranger Heather Eggleston

By Heather Eggleston, Wilderness Ranger

The understated activity of Ramsey's Draft Wilderness.

I pause mid creek on a round red rock. I look where the water comes from and where it is going and breathe in the beauty. In this brief moment, all of this life swirls around me: a school of large fish swims by; a Tiger Swallowtail flutters; a red crayfish crawls to his next rock; the creek gurgles; the breeze blows; and bugs buzz.

I hop to the next red rock and more happens; Water Strider bugs vie for position; I hear the thunder of a big tree falling in the distance and a school of dace dart by.

Later, minnows touch the water’s surface and create concentric circles, radiating, and repeating from the center. Full sun shines overhead, casting the circle shadows on the creek pool bottom.

Another lucky day in Wilderness.

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