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The Lavocast

A new podcast by the National Park System. The first episode is centered around the crosscut saw and covers its history, lore, and utility as the minimum tool in wilderness areas. Currently only available on Apple Music. 

In early 2019, Bill Hodge was hosted on this podcast to talk about the origins of SAWS and how the next generation of conservation stewards is being built. Later that year, Meryl Harrell and Mason Boring were invited back to cover topics on the recent expansion of SAWS operation into Arkansas's Ozark Mountains, tools, work, favorite areas, and what the future holds for the rapidly growing SAWS team. 

Day Fire Podcast


Outlandish is a podcast started by the United States Forest Service as part of their "Your Forests Your Future" campaign. Meryl Harrell was featured in S1 E9 and chats about her first camping experience at the Teton Science Schools and how that experience changed her life's trajectory.

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