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Nealon DeVore

Board Member


Nealon DeVore is the Chief of Staff/Board Liaison at the Nathan Cummings Foundation, a multigenerational Jewish family foundation focused on a more just, vibrant, sustainable, and democratic society. In this role, Nealon is responsible for supporting a culture of collaboration and engagement with NCF’s Board and staff. He manages the Board’s governance procedures and facilitates review and updates of policies to align with the Foundation’s vales. He also works closely with the leadership team to increase organizational integration and effectiveness, helping things run smoothly across programs, departments, and working groups. He recently worked with both Board and staff to clarify the Foundation’s values. He’s actively participating in another working group promoting racial equity and inclusivity within the Foundation.

Nealon has 18 years’ experience in cross-functional and global operations, with a dedication to public service by working on campaigns, projects, initiatives, and events across a range of socially oriented causes, from global health and development issues to domestic and community-focused nonprofit and philanthropic pursuits. Previously, he worked with The One Campaign, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation. Nealon also consulted with a range of organizations and projects including AIDS 2016, the World Bank, the Global Poverty Project, and the Association of Public Health Laboratories. Nealon has come to believe that progressive, sustainable change occurs when communities and those with lived experiences have the resources and power to make change.

A native of eastern Arkansas, Nealon graduated summa cum laude in political science from the University of Central Arkansas and is a proud alum of its Honors College.

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