Spooky Goop

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by James Lautzenheiser, SAWS Field Crew Leader


  • 3 sweet potatoes

  • 2 cups dehydrated black beans

  • 1 cup instant mashed potatoes

  • 1 onion

  • 1 head garlic

  • 3 jalapenos

  • Lots and lots of cheddar for topping tortillas

Cooking Instructions

1. Cut sweet potatoes into about 1/2 inch pieces. Boil with just enough water to cover potatoes.

2. Cook black beans in a separate pan. 

3. Add half the garlic, onion, and jalapenos to each pan. mashup sweet potatoes and black beans.

4. Add half of the instant potatoes into each pan. You should have an orange goop and a black goop. 

5. Serve on tortillas and top with lots of cheese. 

A good variation of this meal is to just drain the sweet potatoes and leave them in chunks. Omit the instant potatoes from the sweet potatoes for this variation. You may also want to substitute 1 more sweet potato for instant potatoes. You should still ad instant potatoes to the black beans. 

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