Pesto Pasta

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by Hallie​ Berry, former SAWS Assistant Field Crew Leader

Servings: 6 person crew


  • 1 box whole wheat rotini pasta

  • 2 cups dehydrated white beans*

  • 1 red onion

  • 1/4 cup oil

  • 1/2 oil 

  • 1/2 head garlic

  • 1 bag julienned sundried tomatoes

  • 1 cup dehydrated or fresh mushrooms

  • 4 large pesto packets

  • Crushed red pepper

  • Mozzarella cheese for topping

*Measurements are using dehydrated beans. 1 cup dehydrated beans = 1 can beans.

Cooking Instructions

1. Boil pasta and dehydrated beans with enough water to cover by 1/2 inch. 

2. About 5 minutes before pasta's done, add everything else, except cheese. 

3. Add water at end till desired consistency of sauce is reached (may be a lot of water).

4. Serve and add cheese. 

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